Calendar of Events
Start of calendar events:
7/23/2018 All Percussion Rehearsals.(Pit ,battery,freshman and Senior HS) at bandhall. July 23,24,25,26 9:00-11:30;1:30-4;00Pm
7/26/2018 Colrguard Practice begins at MHS, 9am-4pm each day. July 26,27,28
7/26/2018 Senior High School Band Officers Meeting, 1:30-4pm. July 26th and 27th
7/30/2018 Freshman band students meet at Midland HS in bandhall for marching fundamentals.9am-2pm. Wear tennis shoes;lunch(pizza)provided
7/30/2018 Parent/student meeting at Midland HS auditorium.6pm-8pm
7/31/2018 Summer Band begins for everyone! Rehearsals from 8am-11:30 and 1:30-4pm. July 31st;August 1,2,3
8/6/2018 Summer Band rehearsals 5:30-9:15pm all at MHS. August 6,7,8,9,13. NO REHEARSAL Friday night August 10th
8/14/2018 Summer Band rehearsal 5:30-7pm
8/15/2018 School starts!!
End of calendar events.